Quarter of Six Productions

Welcome to Quarter of Six Productions! Quarter of Six Productions is a music production company headquartered in Hollywood, CA, with primary production studios in Hollywood and Woodland Hills, CA, and sister recording studios in Los Angeles CA. We focus on being a "one-stop-shop," so that no matter what your needs, we can see your project through to completion. Our primary services revolve around producing recording artists and singers, and producing original music for Television, Movies, Video Games and Commercials/Advertising. We can provide composing, arranging, songwriting, producing, recording, mixing, mastering, and a bevy of other services in whichever combinations your project needs. We also have both a top notch "house band" with some of the best studio musicians in LA, as well as one of the most extensive sound libraries of any studio in Los Angeles, enabling us to provide top notch orchestral and ethnic/world music on a reasonable budget. We do work in every genre, with different members of our team bringing their own genre specialties to bear, with a stable of male and female singers ready to go, anytime, to provide lead or backing vocals for any genre. We look forward to making your next project sound amazing!


To discuss your next project, contact us at sales@quarterofsix.com.