Quarter of Six Productions

Red CarpetHere at Quarter of Six, we feel a certain kindred spirit with our cinematic cousins. We like watching movies, and we like helping to bring them to life! We offer a few basic services:

  • Scoring and background music, including orchestral, electronic, rock, ethnic, and other genres.
  • Foreground songs; songs like what a band would play that are used during a movie
  • Foley and sound effect work

We have a library of material that is available to be licensed, and we also do custom work as required. We have several different packages available to accomodate your budget, mostly revolving around the number of live musicians required. If you need us to prepare scores, conduct, and record a large number of classical musicians, then you will need our Ultra package. Note that the price quoted is for our services; the cost for the musicians and studio time will be extra, as the needs between projects are to variable for us to quote a flat price. If you need us to take our House Band into a our sister recording studio and record, you will need our Premium package. Our Budget package covers work entirely done in our production and composers studios. See below for the details on each package.

For more information, please contact sales@quarterofsix.com.

Take a listen to some samples of our work:

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  Ultra Premium Budget
Background music, ambience, atmosphere, mood music, etc x x x
Songs with singers, lyrics and the House Band x x no
Sound effects and Foley work Library and custom Library only no
Small orchestral work, chamber music Real musicians * Virtual Instruments Virtual Instruments
Full orchestra work Real musicians * Virtual Instruments no
Electronic music/Electronica x x x
Ethnic music x Limited no
Rock, R&B, Pop, Hip/Hop, Country, Blues, Funk, Disco, Jazz, etc x x x, no vocals, everything done on the computer
Backing Vocalists x 1 real (more are extra), loops Loop-based, real ones extra
Lead Vocalist x x no
Synths Custom programming or presets Presets only Presets only
Surround Mixing x x no
  ------------------------------- ------------------------------- -----------------------------------
15 minutes or less $5000* $2000 $500
60 minutes or less $12,000* $5000 $1200
Feature length $35,000* $15,000 $3500

* - Costs includes score preparation, hiring the musicians, booking the recording studio, running the recording sessions, and other administrative overhead; however, you will be responsible for paying the musicians and paying for the recording studio.