Quarter of Six Productions


At Quarter of Six, we have a massive amount of sound libraries, covering almost every instrument known to man. From rock drums, electronic beats, orchestral libraries and ethnic insruments spanning the globe, to electric basses, classical guitars, and an almost endless selection of pianos, electric pianos, and organs, if somebody makes a library for it, we probably have it. We have the complete East West/Quantum Leap libraries, Vir2 Libraries, Scarbee Bass libraries, BFD2 Drums and expansion lbraries, ProjectSAM libraries, and many many more. Check out what we have by:

In addition, we have the best EQ, compressor, reverb, distortion, guitar and bass amp modeling, and other effect plugins available in the industry. Starting with the Waves Mercury collection and the Flux collection for the industry's best mixing plugins, through IK Multimedia's Amplitube and Line 6's PodFarm for world renowned guitar and bass amp modeling and effects, all the way to iZotope Ozone for mastering, we have it all. And don't forget industry leading pitch correction tools from Celemony and Antares! Check out what we have by:

Next, don't forget about synthesizers! At Quarter of Six Productions, you will never want for a lack of synthesizers. If you need classic synthesizers like the Moog, Jupiter, or Prophet, we have the industry's best recreations from Arturia Software. If you want state of the art modern synths, we have the incomparable Native Instruments collection, along with the highly revered Reason synthesizers and Logic synthesizers. Check out what we have by:

And of course, we have an extensive library of sound effects, good both for sound tracks and creative musical uses! Animal noises, outdoor ambiences, vehicle noises, weaponry, explosions, karate chops, and more; we have thousands upon thousands of sound effects in every category, more than we could possibly list. But if you want to know which libraries we have, here's a high level list:

Finally, we of course have dozens of loop libraries, covering every genre, but with special focuses in electronic and urban styles. From Stylus RMX to Elastic Grooves, we have libraries from industry leaders like Spectrasonics and Ueberschall. Check out what we have: